UACD invests in high-impact, catalytic projects that will not only deliver career-track jobs to low-income communities, but also strengthen overall community outcomes.

33 projects.
9,681 construction jobs created.
6,776 permanent jobs created.
$288 MM in allocation deployed.
$4.43 MM in additional grants and technical support.

UACD is a certified Community Development Entity (CDE) with a national footprint that prioritizes projects located in designated Opportunity Zones. Since 2008, UACD has been awarded $288MM in federal New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) and has deployed those proceeds to 33 projects in severely distressed low-income communities that support access to healthy foods and quality health care, commercial real estate in university anchored innovation districts, and manufacturing and industrial projects. As of Q1’2020, UACD’s federal NMTCs have created 9,681 construction jobs, 6,776 permanent jobs, 312,365 healthcare visits, 4,909 education seats, 70 new businesses, and 185 new housing units.

UACD has also participated in various state NMTC programs in FL, KY, IL, and NV. To date, UACD has provided $28.27MM in state NMTC proceeds to six projects that have created 428 construction jobs, 396 permanent jobs, 20,980 healthcare visits, and 4,562 education seats.

Through its innovative partnership with American Communities Trust (ACT), UACD has directed an additional $4.43 MM in grants and technical support to the low-income communities in which these projects are located.



UACD works with its non-profit partner, American Communities Trust (ACT), to build long-term relationships with the communities in which UACD invests. ACT employs a range of strategies, including grants, program-related investment, micro-loans, technical assistance, project partnerships, and relationship building.

To encourage community-engagement and responsiveness, UACD incorporates Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) into its lending agreements with project developers. As part of the CBA, ACT may work with the project developers to create programming focused on educational and workforce training, permanent and construction employment, and tenancy and procurement objectives, all targeted to the community residents most in need of assistance. ACT advances community benefits in and around UACD investments and leverages additional resources to sustain and strengthen community outcomes.